Friday, August 1, 2014

Dread And Wishful Thinking

A conversation with John Cassidy about the miserable war, on The New Yorker "Political Scene" podcast.  Jeffrey Toobin moderates.


Dan Livni said...

When will Bernard understand Israel is dealing with Palestinian barbarians.
Hamas terrorists hangs and positions kids on a fence in front of a house to insure that the IDF will not strike the building.

This is what evil looks like: One picture going viral that depicts the level of barbarism…
Joshua Riddle on August 1, 2014

Israeli-American community activist Adam Milstein tweeted this image and, while it’s not clear that the image actually depicts Hamas in Gaza, it’s certainly true that Hamas has embraced the abominable tactic of using children as shields against Israeli Defense Forces. It’s vitally important that people understand just how evil Hamas is and what Israel is up against. It’s hard and heartbreaking to look at, but it cannot be ignored.

Potter said...

Daniel Levy "No Just War"

From the very beginning and for some period of time leading up to this and once more being in this crisis the Israeli position has been that Hamas a priori is to blame for everything. That they are using civilians as shields. What Israel has done, and this is in part why we are seeing such a big civilian death toll, is that it has preemptively absolved itself of any moral or legal responsibility.
If you say whatever happens, it is those guys' fault, then you basically say whatever I am doing by definition cannot be wrong and I am not culpable. And I think that is a terrible mindset to approach such an operation.

Dan Livni said...

This is a must read article on how Hamas manipulates the media.
The Media’s Role in Hamas’ War Strategy
Hamas’ PR strategy can only work if international news media follows the script, whether willingly or under coercion.
August 5, 2014

Anonymous said...

Livni- the article does not say where the citizens are supposed to go when they are warned. And how come when the Israeli's are warned about where the refuges and shelters are, they still get bombed. As well this report about a manual. But do we know that it is put in practice? Is there any proof that there were actually weapons where civilians have taken shelter?Targets so worthy to kill innocents?

And what about the "pinpointing" ordnance?

As Daniel Levy says, Israel blames Hamas and then relieves itself of moral responsibility.

But then again the recent history leading up to this operation and the numbers of dead and injured compared on each side, plus the damage tell enough of the story by itself. All Hamas?

On the news tonight there was an Israeli woman picking fresh produce in her market complaining that the soldiers should have razed Gaza. Oh well, on with normal life

Potter said...

That was me, Potter

Dan Livni said...

Daniel Levy is a well known apologist for Hamas.
Levy also said Israel's creation was a mistake.
Why are you quoting radicals like Levy who want to appease Islamic fascists.

Y. Ben-David said...

Dr Avishai in the past has told us that "the secular entrepeneurial elites will push aside the armed militias" like HAMAS. Still waiting for that to happen. For that matter, Dr Avishai once told us about having Libyan business students during the reign of Qaddafi who also supposedly wanted peace with Israel so they could to an start making money. Have these guys taken over post-Qaddafi Libya, or have the armed militias done so? Isn't the country, like so many others in the Arab/Muslim Middle East being wracked by a civil war?
What about DA'ASH (the Islamic Caliphate state) who has set up a state in Iraq and Syria and who has now sent fighters into Lebanon all the while decapitating prisoners, or carrying out mass executions all the while killing or expelling minorities like the Christians or Yazidis? Is Dr Avishai telling us that the secular enterpeneurial eiltes are going to "push them aside"? In fact DA'ASH itself is running businesses and making money at the same time they are killing and creating mayhem.

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